No Shots

I was in Beijing last week. I don’t travel very often these days so I wanted to try something new with this trip. This was the first trip in which I did not shoot a single image. I didn’t even bring a camera. Generally when I travel I shoot the hell out of the place but for some reason it just didn’t fit this time. I wanted to get away from the camera. I wanted to get away from the pressure to shoot something I wouldn’t ordinarily see. Don’t miss that perfect image, right? Well, throughout the week there were certainly many interesting and intense things to shoot. But as a result of not having a camera I found myself viewing everything differently. I found myself looking at scenes for their own sake and not as potential objects for images. I was surprisingly more observant and involved and experienced moments as they came. I was no longer behind something — the camera — but instead right up front with everyone else. The whole thing had a completely different feel.

Image: Tokyo, Japan, Spring 2011


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