A Missed Opportunity

I saw it happening. And I really wanted to see the outcome. It was going to make my day. An old lady slowly walks onto the train. There are no seats. So she stands next to me and this gigantic body builder and she holds on to the rail. She smiles. We smile back. No one sitting down even looks up to offer her a seat. This is normal behavior on Japanese trains — the only exception being when women are around they usually have a clue and get up. And it is always wild watching the 80 year olds getting up to offer their seats to the 100 year olds while the big strong salarymen in the prime of their lives sleep or bury their sorry faces in a flipping comic book. I am exaggerating a bit. Men do get up occasionally. But women always get up first if they are around. Anyway, back to my old lady today. Next the body builder dude looks around the train as if he were checking out where he could make some space for this nice old lady. He was getting pumped. I could see it. Oh, I have to see this. I have to see this guy toss a few suits out of their seats! But then, sadly, the lady notices what he was about to do (she was getting nervous) and said that she was fine and getting off at the next stop anyway. He looked disappointed Me too! At the next stop she slowly walked off. No none even noticed her. She did thank the big guy, though.


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