Drop by Drop

“One drop of clear water added to a cup of tea will change neither its color nor its taste. Two drops will do little more, but if drop by drop we continue to add water, both the color and the flavor will alter. People generally leap to the conclusion that because one or two drops of effort cannot change the subconscious, it is impossible to change it. The truth is that, just as with the cup of tea, if we continue the effort, it will alter.” Koichi Tohei, Ki in Daily Life


3 thoughts on “Drop by Drop

    • So by your logic if your in Japan and you’re you and someone shows up in a white robe you may find it offensive. However, if over time you see more and more people wearing white robes with hoods covering their faces then you would join the klan?

      Another extreme example would be a dictator that tells the opposition to convert to their ideologue or die. In some cases they refuse to convert to whatever the political dogma of the opposition is and instead chose to be shot.

      I haven’t read the book that you referenced but it sounds like marketing. You see an ad once and you ignore it. You see another ad and it doesn’t bother you but it starts to pique your curiosity. And eventually you may decide to try product x.

      Now you have product x and product y. You like product x and have never tried product y. You watch product y’s ads and decide to try it. You decide that you dislike product y even though they have better ads than product x. No matter how many more ads you see you have now tried product y and no mater what the ad says you still aren’t going to try it again.



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