Dodging Thoughts While Waking

Managing thoughts is extremely difficult. They come, they go. They take you forward into the future, they suck you back into the past. They pervade your present and tempt you this way or that way. To get control of thoughts many people meditate, which is can be challenging but at least when you consciously meditate you generally use a tool such as your breath or a mantra to focus your awareness. Out in the wild of waking consciousness, however, trying to remain present and mindful of your immediate state of being is far tougher than it seems. Try it. See how long you can go. See how quickly those tiny little thoughts pull you somewhere far away. Poke them out. And literally moments later they dart right back like cockroaches crawling around your brain. Frustrating. And then when you practice and get pretty good at dodging these creatures they just get more and more subtle. Nasty little gnats.


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