A nice neat way to park a lot of bikes on a narrow sidewalk. Another view here.


3 thoughts on “Park

    • It’s difficult to describe the extent to which the Japanese take “order” seriously in some areas, I really must say. Sometimes I just sit and look at something they’ve lined up perfectly and wonder why. Why the hell was *that* necessary? One time I was on a train that pulled into a station. The guy missed his mark by a few of inches. The train stopped. The doors stayed closed. The train announcer said, “just one moment please,” and the train backed up — a couple of inches. The doors opened. We all walked out. In silence, of course. I just shook my head. Shit like that is all considered normal. And, actually, I’ve come to appreciate it (mostly). Now, it’s not necessarily applied evenly across the society, but it’s quite obviously much more than most Western societies that I’ve seen. When I go to China I can easily see subtle flavors of Japan everywhere I look, but the two countries are really vastly different on all levels. Keep in mind that Tokyo is seriously anal, so things are a bit more relaxed in different parts of Japan. I’ll be down around the Osaka region tomorrow for the first time, so I’ll post some images from there.


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