Sometimes you just give up trying to get into the can. I was forced out of this train after it pulled into Shibuya tonight, which was good since I got tired of counting the nose hairs on the guy standing 2 inches from my face. And besides there was no physical way to stay on the train after the doors opened and piles of unconscious bodies spilled out with everyone being careful to not look you in the eye as they push you over. The lack of eye contact is a skill I have yet to master working in this sewer of a city. Anyway, once I got out of the death trap I just couldn’t see forcing myself back on to the same coffin. There are probably a great many fewer flu viruses out there on the platform than inside the can, right? Anyway. After I shot this image the fine young man in white gloves had to shove in the guy dangling in the doorway since he didn’t fit and he refused to get out (the next train comes in 1 minute). Most of the other doors closed without the aid of the guys in white gloves but this one needed help. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of Tokyo. It’s such a hole.

IMG_4418 copy


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