Oracle Code One 2018 San Francisco

The first Oracle Code One (formally JavaOne) was held in San Francisco in October 2018. My first JavaOne was way back in 2000. Can’t believe how much things have changed. I don’t know why I keep saying that since the very essence of life is change. You’d think I’d get used to it, eh? Nevertheless, I had a great time at Code One. It was not stressful. I was busy but not overwhelmed like I was in 2000. It just all worked. For that I’m especially thankful.

Here are the 109 images I shot.

Oracle Code One 2018

And here are the 6 interviews I streamed: Geertjan Wielenga on NetBeans, Jesse Butler and Karthik Gaekwad on Cloud, Fn Project, and FOSS, Gerald Venzl on FOSS, GraalVM, and Oracle Database, Wim Coekaerts on Linux, Kubernetes, and Open Source, Eric Sedlar on Oracle Labs, GraalVM, and FOSS, John Brock on JavaScript, Oracle JET, and FOSS.

Finally, I did something different at this event. I hired a photographer to shoot various events our team managed throughout the conference (the keynotes, the Java User Group meeting, the massive Groundbreakers Hub, the interviews, some developer/executive briefings, dinners, etc). This was great fun. I had a chance to shadow and direct several excellent photographers for an entire week. I learned so much. And as a result we now have a big pile of 1,400 high quality images of various developers (Java, FOSS, Cloud) we’ve been engaging for a couple of years now. The next step is to delete all the crap stock images we’ve been using on various developer websites. I’ve been wanting to get some officially approved images of these developers for a while now so this is cool. Will continue building out that photo database.


Community Leadership Summit 2018

It was great to get to the Community Leadership Summit (CLS) in July. I flew from Japan for the weekend event in Portland. I couldn’t stay for OSCON the following week so that’s why it was a quick trip. I’ve only been to three CLS events but they’ve all been excellent. More here at Jono’s blog. All my images here on Flickr.

CLS Portland 2018

Japan Open Source Summit 2018

I went to the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit in Tokyo last week. The event was combined with the Japan Automotive Linux Summit so all of the Japanese car companies were there along with most top Western software and hardware tech vendors. Microsoft really loves Linux and Open Source these days, so they were clearly there in force. It’s obvious the company has changed. Or is changing, I guess. Anyway, it’s rare for such a big enterprise to change that much so good on them.

Overall it was a great event. Lots of interesting sessions and lots of thoughtful conversations. I even had the opportunity to meet and have a little hallway chat with Linus, which was an added treat given my history in OpenSolaris at Sun. I told him about the time I spammed the Linux kernel mailing list with my OpenSolaris announcement back in 2005 — by accident, of course. Just search for OpenSolaris here in the archives to see it.

Hopefully, for next year’s summit I’ll be able to bring up my video kit and stream out some live interviews. We’ll see. I shot 87 images and they are all here on Flickr.

Old and New

Both have value. Both are needed.


Quick Tokyo Trip

Last weekend I took a quick trip up to Tokyo to see some friends and to attend a technical meeting at the Tokyo Linux User Group. Really nice to see everyone. I hope to get up there every few months for a weekend here and there. Next trip up will be for work in mid May, but these quarterly gigs I am planning are purely personal.



Following the rules. Very important. Even the guard gets kicked out.


Looking Up

Sometimes it pays to just take a quick glance up.