Photos, videos, and articles from developer programs I’ve been involved with over the years at Sun and Oracle. More at LinkedIn.



  • April 2019: Oracle Code Shenzhen
    • Photos
    • Videos
  • March 2019: Oracle OpenWorld Asia (Singapore)
    • Photos
    • Videos
  • March 2019: Oracle Code Bangalore
    • Photos
    • Videos
  • February 2019: Oracle OpenWorld Middle East (Dubai)
    • Photos
    • Videos
  • January 2019: LavaOne Hawaii



  • December 2018: Oracle Code Innovate: McAfee Hackfest Bangalore
  • November 2018: Oracle Code Innovate: GE Digital Hackfest Bangalore
  • October 2018: Oracle Code One (formally JavaOne) San Francisco
  • July 2018: Community Leadership Summit (CLS) Portland
  • June 2018: Japan Open Source Summit
  • May 2018: Java Japan User Group (JJUG CCC) and Java Day Tokyo
  • May 2018: Oracle Code: Shenzhen
  • April 2018: Oracle Code: Hyderabad and Bangalore


May 2018. Managing the keynotes as Master of Ceremonies at Oracle Code Shenzhen. The keynote audience in the hall was about 900 and the session streamed to 600,000 online throughout China. 


  • October 2017: JavaOne, Oracle Code: San Francisco
  • August 2017: Oracle Code: Seoul
  • July 2017: Oracle Code: Beijing
  • May 2017: Java Day Tokyo and Oracle Code Japan: Tokyo
  • May 2017: Community Leadership Summit and O’Reilly OSCON: Austin



  • Nothing to show here graphically during this time. This was the period after Oracle canceled the OpenSolaris project after the acquisition of Sun. I was moved from external OpenSolaris community development to instead focus internally as a program manager in Solaris engineering on the following projects:
    • Solaris Userland FOSS Consolidation
    • Solaris Core Quality Engineering
    • Solaris Unix Commands Project
    • Solaris OpenStack Project
    • Solaris V8 Project
    • Solaris POSIX Standards Project
    • Solaris Core Innovations Workshop
      • This was an annual internal conference for 300 Solaris engineers.
  •  All of that ended at the very end of 2016. In the spring of 2017 I moved into corporate marketing to work on global developer programs.


opensolaris-distribution        opensolaris-project

  • 2005-2011: Thousands of photos from conferences involving Java, Linux, OpenSolaris, and various FOSS and community development efforts:
    • Aizu University Japan, Barcamp Tokyo, Barcamp Yokohama, Beers for Books, Community Leadership Summit, Cross Cultural Engineering, Developers Lounge Tokyo, JavaOne San Francisco, JavaOne Tokyo, Mozilla Japan, OpenSolaris User Group Japan, O’Reilly Make Tokyo, O’Reilly Mac OS 10, O’Reilly OSCON, MySQL Tokyo, PostgreSQL Tokyo, Ruby Kaigi, Solaris Night Seminars, Tokyo 2.0, Tokyo CGM Night with Danny Choo, Tokyo Hackerspace, Tokyo Linux User Group, Tokyo Open Source Conference, Tokyo New Context Conference with Joi Ito, Tokyo Tech Days  …



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