Standing Tall



No Ending

Seems this is one of the preferred spots in the region to kill yourself. There are signs all over the place saying your life is valuable and offering phone numbers for help. You can hear people talking about the issue too. Now, I don’t at all think suicide ends anything but those who jump to the jagged rocks below obviously think otherwise. Think twice. It’s just not worth it — especially since the problems don’t go away and your friends and family have to live with the pain of your loss. This is a pretty area. Enjoy it.




400 ppm

I read today that April 2014 was the first month in which the average CO2 level topped 400 ppm in the northern hemisphere. A first. No worries. Everything looks fine out there. See? And besides, there is an entirely new line of super smart phones coming to the market soon. Line up to get yours first.



Cave Religion

Plenty of places to close your eyes, settle down, and say a little prayer. Even down in dark wet caves by the ocean. Actually you do not need the statues staring back at you for such exercises but they look nice nonetheless.