Jfokus 2022

Images from Jfokus in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2022.

Really nice to participate at Jfokus 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden in May. I got a chance to catch up with many people since the last Jfokus two years ago and also some new friends I met at Devnexus in Atlanta in April. Great tech and community sessions, interesting conference culture, and some of the best food around! Oracle has a Java engineering team in Stockholm, so it was a good opportunity to take in a half day at the office across the bay and meet everyone there.

There were about 1,800 people there so the demand is absolutely healthy for in-person events. The same was true for Devnexus. Travel remains difficult in some places of the world, but hopefully things will continue to open and we can get back to integrating live conferences into our developer relations operations. Doing this type of work exclusively online to me is largely pointless.

The images below are also stored on Flickr with the usual Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

All images on Flickr. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Devnexus Atlanta 2022

Images from my first live event in two years — Devnexus in Atlanta in April 2022. It’s all about Java and Open Source and building communities.

It was great seeing my friends at Devnexus in Atlanta after two long years of staying home, staying safe, and suppressing the curve. Initially, when we all arrived in Atlanta I had the feeling that absolutely nothing had changed. We talked. We embraced. We caught up on stories. We just picked up with events right where we left off in early 2020. It was great. But over time moving in this new space I had the sense that something was off. Something didn’t fit. That’s because everything, in fact, had changed. It doesn’t matter, though. You can only go one direction in life so here we all go into this semi-new normal. I guess we’ll all manage. Images on Flickr and below.

Building Software Communities

Lessons I’ve learned while building FOSS communities over the years at Sun and Oracle. I use photos to illustrate my points because I like profiling people and especially developers.

In this episode (audio here) I talk about some stories from my experiences building Open Source development communities at Sun and Oracle. The images below (pdf here) are profiles of developers I’ve met while building communities. I’m building a page here with additional links and text and resources. Video here.